Featured Issuer: Professional Associations

There are over 90,000 professional associations covering more than 25,000,000 members in the U.S. Many associations enable their members to become certified as a result of passing rigorous testing and demonstrating relevant industry skills and experience. Entities depend on the authenticity of these certifications before they hire, engage or appoint professionals to various positions.

Traditionally, associations commit significant resources to administer (store, track, print and mail) paper-based certificates that cannot be readily verified by 3rd parties. As such, efforts to confirm authenticity are extended to requests from interested parties in verifying certificates.

Associations leverage BadgeCert to dramatically reduce their staff time and costs in administering certifications. Additionally, the dynamic updating feature of BadgeCert, allows viewers of badges to be 100% confident of the authenticity of a certificate. Further, associations realize the value of reducing their liability in the event of a member fraudulently represents the content or validity of their certificates.

Associations have also realized marketing benefits through the building of their brand as individuals share their digital badges / certificates through social channels.

Feature Updates

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  • LinkedIn Add to Profile automates earners' abilities to update Certifications.
  • Dashboard analytics now includes "Hot Badges" to showcase earner engagement.
  • Leveling-up and clustering facilitate new program creation and true "micro credentials."

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