Ease of Administration

BadgeCert transforms the administration of credentials from a labor-intensive manual activity to labor-free electronic action. Issuing BadgeCerts saves significant time and personnel costs. Additionally, there are significant potential cost savings in reducing postage costs as a result of less certificates being mailed.

Permanent storage—in the “cloud”

BadgeVault™ provides unlimited storage of BadgeCerts (and associated metadata) in safe / secure data center. Issuers and earners have 24/7 access to BadgeCerts.

100% verified/authenticated

BadgeVerify™ assures that BadgeCert viewers that the BadgeCerts they encounter are 100% verified and current. Additionally, issuers mitigate their risk and reduce their liability because if a BadgeCert has expired or has been revoked, it can no longer be shared.

Improved sharing

BadgeBase™ allows earners to ease the time and efforts to store, access and securely share their BadgeCerts. Earners catalogue their BadgeCerts into user-defined groups (e.g. work, expertise, interests) and easily/securely share their BadgeCerts with others.

Cost savings

Issuers will realize significant personnel cost savings as a result of cutting the administrative costs associated with manually creating, issuing, storing, accessing and sharing paper certificates.

Strategic insights

BadgeActivity™ is the automatic BadgeCert function (requiring no action by issuer) that tracks BadgeCert opening and sharing by earners. The output of BadgeActivity™ is leveraged to create marketing effectiveness reports.

Enhanced marketing opportunities

BadgeCert’s proprietary reporting and analytics tool, BadgeReport™ provides BadgeCert effectiveness reporting and enhanced marketing insights. Issuers leverage these reports to analyze the effectiveness of each badging program and to optimize the marketing of the issuer’s brand.

Revenue generator

Some organizations elect to create a new revenue stream by charging their members (earners) a fee as payment for the enhanced BadgeCert functionality being provided (24/7 access, permanent / secure storage and ease in sharing). Moreover, since BadgeCerts cannot be shared once they expire, earners are incentivied to maintain their BadgeCert in a timely manner.

Individuals love it!

Individual earners overwhelmingly prefer the functionality of their certificates being digital. Not only can they instantly access BadgeCerts (forever), they love the inherent ability to store and manage all the certificates they are awarded throughout their lives (e.g. business, school, hobbies, social) in one place. Further, the ease of sharing their certificates with others is a big benefit.