Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital badges?

Digital badges are visual symbols or icons that represent a skill or an achievement.

Like badges worn on military uniforms, digital badges provide a vehicle for others to quickly ascertain the earner’s skills and achievements. Typically, digital badges have been used in online gaming and social networking environments to motivate participants’ behavior, recognize achievements and establish credibility.

How are BadgeCerts different?

BadgeCerts amplify the digital badge concept to make it relevant in professional contexts.

Unlike the static images inherent in digital badges, BadgeCerts are verifiable icons that are packed with information or “metadata” about who issued them and how, when, why and where they were earned. In this way, BadgeCerts do more than simply represent achievements- they are able to authenticate credentials, recognize contributions and qualify professional learning experiences. As such, they function as online certificates of participation or completion.

Why do we need BadgeCerts?

In order to advance in the workplace, professionals must continually develop their skills and hone their expertise.

In addition to formal education, vital learning and professional development also happen in informal contexts including on the job, through online courses, webinars, certificate programs, workshops and conferences. The skills and knowledge developed are difficult to qualify and the effort invested often goes unrecognized and unrewarded. As a result, professionals have no way to verify the nature or quality of their participation in informal learning venues.

The solution? BadgeCert’s cloud-based platform enables earners to keep a record of all of their verified experiences and easily share evidence of their achievements with others through social networking sites, personal websites, career sites and employer databases.

Who uses BadgeCert?

Earners include any individual who wants to record, collect and share BadgeCerts that recognize and qualify their achievements.

Issuers include professional associations, corporations, community organizations and continuing education providers who certify earners’ accomplishments and verify their continuing education by issuing BadgeCerts.

Viewers include such people as employers, peers or colleagues who view earners’ BadgeCerts to verify their experiences, skills and knowledge.