BadgeDesign™ is an advanced tool that enables issuers to create customized badges. BadgeCert provides standard templates for issuers to draw upon. Alternatively, BadgeDesign™ enables issuers to readily create personalized badges unique to their constituencies.


BadgeVault™ provides unlimited storage of badges (and associated metadata) in a safe / secure data center environment in the cloud. Issuers and Earners have 24/7 access to BadgeCerts via BadgeVault™. Since BadgeCerts are stored and accessed electronically, there are potential cost savings with the reduction in paper, printing, and search staff costs. BadgeCerts can also registered as Mozilla Open Badges.


BadgeMD™ is a powerful system that allows issuers to add unique detailed data to each BadgeCert. This data is called metadata and is the abbreviation “MD” in BadgeMD™. Illustrative metadata for a certificate granted by an IT training organization might include: description of certification, course instructor, date of exam, location of exam, grade on exam, instruction book used, listing of prior exams / certificates completed, etc. This metadata is continually available (and stored in BadgeVault™), is associated with the badge and is optionally aggregated with other similar metadata for subsequent data reporting.


BadgeVerify™ is the BadgeCert functionality which assures that issued/shared BadgeCerts are 100% verified and current. Issuers benefit by reducing the potential liability of any invalid badges being forwarded to others. Recipients of shared badges (e.g. employers) will also benefit from not hiring (or engaging) individuals whose certificates were fraudulently created or are no longer valid (e.g. expiration).


BadgeActivity™ is the automatic BadgeCert function (requiring no action by issuer) that tracks BadgeCert activity (opening and sharing.) The output of BadgeActivity™ is leveraged to create marketing and penetration effectiveness reports.


BadgeBase™ enables earners to store BadgeCerts in custom user-defined groups (e.g. work, school, hobbies & interests, etc.) and selectively / privately determine who views shared BadgeCerts.


BadgeReport™ is BadgeCert’s proprietary reporting and analytics tool that provides data on BadgeCert program effectiveness and enhanced marketing insights. Issuers leverage these reports to analyze the effectiveness of each BadgeCert program and to optimize the marketing of the issuer’s brand.