Company employees develop extensive skills and experiences throughout their career through internal and external training opportunities.

While internal training can be tracked by those companies that have HR tracking software, accurate information regarding external training experiences is often difficult to acquire and assess. The broad array of employee expertise and skills developed is of great value to the corporation.

Employees take great pride in being publicly recognized for their contributions and rewarded for their efforts and expertise. Unfortunately, recognition is often given through informal discussions or with a written certificate that sits in a file drawer. Further, with the ever-growing trend of employees changing jobs with greater frequency and working remotely, employees’ desire to have a detailed and verified account of their professional experiences that can be digitally shared with others is of immense value.

BadgeCerts are the ideal tool to support employers and employees in issuing, storing, sharing and verifying achievements.

Additionally, corporations utilize BadgeCerts to verify the credentials of potential employees, and realize value by diminishing the HR resources required to verify the credentials of prospective employees (traditionally achieved through phone and written correspondence). BadgeCerts are 100% verified and reveal the most current information as they can be readily updated by the issuing organization.