Professional Associations

There are over 90,000 professional associations in the U.S. serving over 40 million individuals.

A majority of the associations have membership programs and award formal certifications that are granted after individuals pass rigorous exams, participate in continuing education activities and demonstrate relevant competencies. Membership and certifications are typically issued with paper certificates that cannot be readily verified or authenticated.

Until BadgeCert, organizations wanting to hire or engage individuals with “official certifications” had to jump through hoops in order to validate the authenticity of the individual’s credentials. As such, associations and employers strongly prefer the ease, reduced costs and immediate one-click verification of BadgeCert digital badges.

Additionally, earners want to promote the skills / training realized through continuing education and attendance at industry events (i.e. conferences, webinars, workshops). BadgeCerts are the ideal solution to support the granting, storing and sharing of these experiences.

Finally, associations see their members as excellent potential “ambassadors” to promote their organization (brand) to the industry. As members share their BadgeCerts on social media, email signatures or websites, associations benefit from an innovative engine that delivers expanded marketing reach and results.